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Exp Uganda

Guinness Smooth Launch

Event Marketing


Designed and conceptualised the Guinness Smooth experience that was to be executed at the Consumer Launch event.


UBL unpacked the new Guinness Smooth in Uganda - a smooth stout with a refreshing taste, with all the sophistication and boldness of Guinness - and the challenge was to bring its attributes to life at the Consumer Launch event.


Managing everything from the invitation to the actual Consumer engagement at the event, Exp Uganda designed the event as a journey for the Consumers to experience the unique attributes of the new Guinness Smooth, which included:

  • Smooth Experience Arrival tunnel

  • Accreditation

  • Smooth Lounge

  • Photo Booth

  • Stage Design

  • Flavour Rooms:

    • The 'Bitter Sweet' Experience​

    • The 'Bold' Experience

    • The 'Rich' Experience

    • The Refreshing Experience

  • The Master Brewer

  • The Launch Unveiling​

  • Entertainment

  • Guinness Smooth Gamification



Let your launch events be an experiential journey that brings your Brand to life, ensuring your Brand is the hero of the event and not the artist, influencer or anything else.

The Master Brewer
The Smooth Experience
The Bitter Sweet Experience
The Guinness Smooth Refreshing Experience
The Guinness Bold Experience
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