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Always-on, Mobile First, Alternate Engagement Platform

EXP entered into an exclusive strategic  partnership with SILVERSTONE across Africa to deliver freestyle promotional marketing, sales / e-commerce platforms, engagement through gamification, loyalty, rewards, customer service and data insights through Silverstones tried and tested mobile web based platform - always on and specifically designed for the mobile phone.

Our First Year in Partnership Together Resulted in 6 Awards at the 2020 SMARTIES Awards
The Promoflo Opportunity

Promoflo offers:

  1. Rapid roll-out of tactical mobile first engagement campaigns to integrate and leverage your above and below the line marketing spend.

  2. Engage and capture prospect and customer data in a seamless journey, building data assets and amplifying your reach and Return on Investment. 

  3. Integrate your existing touch points and transform social and online presence to traffic and data acquisition engines.

Its mobile first, fast, fun, effective and rewarding for consumers!


Exp Wins Awards with its PROMOFLO Mobile Engagement Solution

"The SMARTIES Celebration of Talent honours global innovation, creativity and success by showcasing each year’s most effective mobile campaigns. This winning work inspires, educates and ultimately propels the industry forward through the most trusted authority in mobile marketing."

Exp Agency, together with its partner Silverstone, is proud to have won 6 awards - 3 Gold and 3 Silver - at the 2020 SMARTIES awards and you can see the winning campaigns by clicking here.


Hyper-Target Your Audience via Virtual Geographic Boundaries, in place where you know you will reach them.

Through our GEOFencing / Marketing solution, we can create a virtual geographic boundary around a specific area, by means of GPS or RFID technology, enabling software to trigger a response when a mobile device enters or leaves the area.

This response could be in the form of:

  1. Your Brand Advert

  2. A Promotional offer that is available in a nearby outlet

  3. A call to action to register to an event or to participate in a promotion / campaign

  4. Etc.

Geo Fencing Image.jpeg


Mobile marketing communication that allows your target audience to view personalised, trackable, interactive Brand videos over any device and engage with interactive prompts – all without having to leave the video screen.

Interactive Video Examples from our Interactive Video Partner 

Why Video?

  1. Online videos account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic.

  2. 4X As many consumers would rather watch a video about a product, than reading about it.

Why Interactive?

  1. Requires the video recipient to actively engage with the content. 

  2. Allow the watcher to personalise the journey they take and the content they watch (including which language they listen in).

  3. Invite or suggest an appropriate response to a definite call to action

  4. Creates a user experience that is exciting, engaging and shareable through interactive functionality and gamification.

As people crave personalised experiences, personalised video creates a powerful way to capture, connect and keep the target audience's attention.

A Few examples of what clients are using Interactive Video for:

  1. Link on Social Media posts for deeper engagement.

  2. Link via SMS / Email to data base.

  3. QR Code on shelf, in retail outlet, to advertise promotion or for more information about product.

  4. QR Code at till point to upload proof of purchase to enter competition.

  5. QR Code on Pack for for more information about product – recipes etc.

  6. Record messages / sounds.

  7. Themed Campaign engagement mechanic.

  8. Gamification.

  9. Multiple Choice Questions.

  10. Social Media Sharing.

  11. Send to an existing Database

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