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Exp Zambia

MOSI Lager

Winner of a Silver Award at MMA's 2020 SMARTIES Awards


  1. Sales promotion strategy

  2. Design and development of POS material

  3. Design and development of Mobile engagement solution

  4. on Promoflo

  5. Generation of on-pack UTC unique number

  6. Price verification and management

  7. SMS and WhatsApp engagement


Mosi wanted to leverage their event sponsorship through consumer sales engagement platform by giving consumers

a chance to win entry tickets to the event.

One week after launch, COVID lockdown protocols were announced, cancelling the event as well as on premise consumption. Marketing spend was stopped, but consumers were able to purchase MOSI for home consumption.


An organic community was created as a result of on pack promotion and USSD messaging that was sent during launch as consumers continued to engage with the promotion.


Leveraging on the already established community, MOSI ran a virtual event for consumers through hyper targeting social sharing and referral mechanics on Exp's promotional platform.


  1. More than 30,000 Consumers were engaged via USSD

  2. More than 16,000 Consumers were engaged via Mobile Web Platform

  3. More than 31,000 Community Members were added to MOSI Lager 'Owned' Media Platform

  4. More than 113,000 Sales Redemptions on the Promotional Platform - The Mobile platform effectively driving the promotion with no other campaign spend

  5. MOSI Vibes party received 30,000 views at the online event.



Use Exp's Mobile Engagement and Promotional Platform for a seemless unique number and engagement portal to create your own community and social sharing to amplify reach, convert customers and drive sales..

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