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Exp Nigeria

Y'ello Star Music Competition

Winner of 3 Gold Awards at MMA's 2020 SMARTIES Awards


  1. Conceptualise a solution for the MTN Y’ello Star

  2. Develop the platform to allow participants to compete from home as well as have Judges and a host from different locations.

  3. Develop and deploy a branding solutions across all locations

  4. Set up of virtual studios for live recording and broadcast via YouTube


MTN had just launched its music game show, when Covid-19 hit Nigeria. Restrictions on public gatherings meant the Customer execution could not happen and Exp proactively proposed a solution using our mobile-first, always on promotional platform.


Exp, together with our production partners, developed a live streaming solution that would allow MTN to continue with it's Y’ello star music competition.


More than 233,000 clicks on our mobile-first campaign platform

More than 150,000 referrals (word of mouth / social sharing)

More than 5 million engagements on our campaign platform

More than 50,000 MTN Loves on Platform

Just under 5,000 Auditions Completed Virtually on the Platform

Just under 11,000 new Customers added to the MTN Community – building towards an MTN Owned Media on our Mobile Platform.



Use Exp's expert Virtual Engagement solution to engage the target audience in personal and meaningful Consumer engagement.

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