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Exp Nigeria
Vendor Summit

The 2022 EXP Marketing Vendors Summit was aimed at engaging vendors (new and old) in a relaxing venue while addressing relevant issues concerning them, our industry category and the Agency.


The Event was intentionally planned to cater for different categories of vendors and was conducted physically and virtually, on 5th & 17th August 2022.


The physical event took place at the Exp Nigeria office in Ikeja, Lagos and consisted of a morning and afternoon session to accommodate our suppliers’ work schedule.


Exp Nigeria MD, Rosemary Akpo, introduced EXP and the EXP Group, while also emphasising the need for Vendors to see Exp as Partners.


Other speakers included members of the Exp Nigeria Leadership team, who took turns to present against the topics of EXP Values and Ethics (Ngozi Okonji), The EXP Procurement Process (Adefunke Adetayo), and Statutory Government Deduction and Taxes (Bonike Ola-Okunowo).


An interactive session gave Vendors the opportunity to speak and get first hand responses on issues that needed clarity. Exp also had the opportunity, to discuss and address vendor complaints, thereby strengthening the business relations.


Vendors were also able to exhibit their products and services.

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