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Live Engagement

Research has shown that emotion transcends language to hit the consumer right in the heart, hence their experience with your brand needs to be defined, powerful and emotional in its delivery.


Exp was founded on the principles of experiential marketing and the need for physical engagement in our marketing.

Let us define your brand experience solutions to engage your consumers with personal and meaningful (Live)  experiences in:

Brand Activation

Event Marketing 

Sponsorship Marketing

Mobile First LOW RES (shutterstock_75120

Mobile-First Engagement

Widespread availability of the internet means that the consumer is in a better position to make more informed purchase decisions anywhere, anytime, on any platform – and the mobile phone is a key driver of this.

Exp has proprietary use of a "always-on" “mobile first” promotional platform to engage your customers on their mobile phone with:

Promotion Marketing

Sales (Unique Code to e-Commerce)

Engagement through Gamification

Loyalty & Rewards

Customer Service

Surveys & Insights



Social Engagement

Social connections help build strong communities of engaged customers to  drive sales and referrals for your brand.

Let us build your social engagement strategy across:

Your Consumer as your Brand Influencer

Influencer Marketing

Social Advertising

Social Sharing

Our interactive video's will drive far more meaningful  engagement (not just Likes) in your social media marketing, importantly also building your own database from it, as opposed to building it for someone else..

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Virtual Engagement

Going virtual means investing in your content and experiences.

We do this by defining and designing your virtual event against the core message you want your audience to take-out from their virtual experience with you.

We offer complete management of all elements of your virtual requirements, including but not limited to:


Elevate your audience's level of interest  and engagement with your content by letting Exp design and execute it for you.

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Sales Focused Engagement

We guarantee more sales through our trade optimization strategy.

 Our sales focussed offering includes:

Big Prize Campaigns

Instant Reward Campaigns

Loyalty Campaigns

In-store Activations

Digital Activations

Digital Brand Ambassadors


Behaviour Change Engagement

Exp Social Marketing is a specialised division that designs and implements behaviour change communication.

We use the knowledge of communities and intersect it with the intervention need, building a ‘bottom up’ target centric program that leads to sustainable behaviour change. 


Our Theory of Change model comprises of 3 key parts that are built off the dynamic sequential process of:

1. Enabled Environment

2. Access

3. Demand Creation


Let us design your behaviour change communication strategy.

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