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Exp Uganda

Shell Gas

Brand Activation


Conceptualised and executed an engagement campaign to create  awareness and educate customers about:

  1. The benefits of using Shell Gas as the undisputed, safest, Aafordable, fast and cleanest cooking solution.

  2. Shell Gas convenience pack i.e. Home Delivery, Pearl Energy App Ordering Service and Available payment solutions


The Covid-19 lockdown had a big impact on companies and Consumers in Uganda, where many were faced with a significant reduction in their liquidity/cash-flows as they were not able to freely  operate and earn as they would normally do. 


Food handling was also seen as a potential risk to getting the virus, hence customers were not ordering as much as they used too and were doing more cooking at home.

The LPG sales were hence low versus plan with many redundant cylinders lay in in household, with people using alternative means of cooking, despite their low quality and safety standards.


Vivo Energy wanted them to do it safely by cooking with Shell Gas at any opportunity and initiated the Shell Gas Refill Nyongeza campaign.​

Exp was contracted to target potential customers at high traffic locations to educate them on the safety aspects of using the right gas and to also create awareness to the Shell Gas campaign. 

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