Live Service Offering

Engaging target audiences with one-to-one communication, giving them a personal, meaningful and relevant experience of the Brands value proposition.

Brand Activation

Bringing Brands to Life through Activations.


Exp Agency develops Live Activations for people to personally experience a Brand - a Brand Experience.

These Activations are designed against your Brands single-minded Value Proposition and the realities of the Consumer environment.

Event Marketing

Bringing Brands to Life through Events.


Exp Agency develops Live Events to promote a product, service, cause, or for organisation leveraging.

These Events are designed as a Brand Experience against the event objective, ensuring the takeout of the event is the Brand message and not the "shiny object" (Band, Artist, etc.).


Leveraging your Sponsorships to ensure maximum Return On Investment for the Brand and against your Sponsorship Rights.

Social Marketing

The systematic application of    commercial marketing theories along  with other concepts and techniques to achieve specific behavioural goals for social good.

+ Service Offering

Brand Experiences told by the Consumer.

Putting the tools in place to leverage the Live Brand Experiences - thus amplifying reach of the real and relevant experiences people have with a Brand, to a wider audience.

Digital Strategies


Amplifying Reach, Converting Customers and Driving Sales by leveraging the Live experiences people have with a Brand.


Rapid roll-out of tactical, always-on, mobile first engagement campaigns to integrate and leverage your above and below the line marketing spend.

Engage and capture prospect and customer data in a seamless journey, building data assets and amplifying your reach and Return on Investment. 

Integrate your existing touch points and transform social and online presence to traffic and data acquisition engines.

Sales Promotions


Exp uses sales promotions to stimulate sales through contests,  discounts, games, give-aways, point-of-sale displays, special offers    and similar activities.

Branding & Logistics


Success doesn't only come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution, which includes intelligent Branding & Logistics solutions.

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